The support I offer:



Parent-Child Attachment Play

Play Therapy

Play Therapy sessions can be delivered one-to-one or in a small group.


I offer a free initial phone consultation and if you feel Play Therapy would be beneficial for your child we would then arrange an introductory meeting. This meeting is to gain a little more information to inform my practice when supporting your child.  


Fees are charged at a session rate. The number of sessions will depend upon a child's individual needs. However, a minimum of an initial 12 sessions is recommended.


Packages for schools are available upon request and are dependent upon the number of children or groups seen in one day.

Parent-Child Attachment Play (PCAP)

Would you like to:

  • Develop skills to help your child with their emotions?
  • Explore ways to help your child make positive choices and reduce challenging behaviour? 
  • Strengthen your relationship with your child?

PCAP is a 12-week therapeutic parent skills group (children aged 4 to 13 years).


There will be five face-to-face, one and half or two hour group sessions and seven one-to-one sessions either by telephone or online.


PCAP is not a quick fix for your child, but a sustainable way of using your established relationship to create therapeutic, long-lasting change, whilst boosting you and your child’s confidence.


Packages for schools are available upon request.

Family Links

Four-week Parenting Puzzle Workshop


The two-hour sessions, which run over four weeks, cover a broad range of topics such as:

  • The emotional well-being of parents, carers, and their children
  • Understanding behaviour, listening skills, communication, praise, and encouragement
  • Praise and guidance vs. criticism, child-led play, and positive moments
  • Boundaries, parenting styles, time to calm down, dealing with stress and conflict
  • Choices, consequences, behaviour to ignore, putting the puzzle together and looking after yourself

Ten-week Parenting Puzzle Nurturing Programme


This programme delves into parenting in more detail. The two-hour per week sessions, running over 10 weeks, focus on:

  • Empowering parents and carers to build positive relationships with their children
  • Understanding why children behave as they do
  • Recognising the feelings behind you and your child’s behaviours
  • Exploring different approaches to discipline
  • Finding ways to develop co-operation and self-discipline in children
  • Learning the importance of looking after yourself

These can be facilitated in group sessions and one-to-one.

Packages for schools are available upon request.

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